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Citronella oil Java is derived from steam distillation of the leaves of the grass Cymbopogon winterianus (Rendal). This grass is native to Sri Lanka and Java and is mostly found in eastern parts of India and northern Himalayan range. The essential oil is yellow to yellowish brown in color and has fresh lemon-like scent but is darker in color. It is also known as a natural bug repellant. The oil has a peculiar aroma of lemony, grassy and floral and is widely used as insect repellent.

Known as a bio-pesticide with a non-toxic mode of action Citronella oil forms an essential constituent of dozens of registered pesticide products, such as sprays, lotions, and candles. At times, it is added to sunscreen, wristbands, and flea collars. The oil also has antifungal properties and hence is used to treat insect bites.

Citronella oil mixes well with Basil, bergamot, cedar wood, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, lime, oregano, penny royal, pine, rosemary, orange, and tea tree. Citronella oil has an uplifting effect on mood and has a softening effect on the body. The oil is well known for having excellent antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant and insecticide properties. However this oil may irritate sensitive skin and may not be suitable for those down with hay fever.

Uses of Citronella Oil Java

  • Citronella oil can be used as aromatherapy oil and can help in balancing the mood and enabling patients get rid of mood disorders.
  • Citronella oil can soften the skin and acts as good deodorant as it absorbs excessive perspiration and odor.
  • It is also used as mosquito repellent in insect sprays
  • The essential Citronella Oil Java is used to make soaps and candles.
  • The strong analgesic property of oil makes it highly suitable for relieving headaches, migraines and rheumatism.
  • It can be used as an antiseptic and to sanitize kitchen counters and chopping blocks.
  • The oil is also used as essential constituent for preparing of Facial gels, floral hydrosal water, foot & leg lotion, hand and body lotions.
  • Citronella oil is used in many cosmetic preparations like Shampoos, conditioners, hair and scalp treatment formulations.

Benefits of Citronella Oil Java

  • The well rounded lemon citrus scent can easily enhance the mood and relieve tensions giving a soothing feeling.
  • Often mixed in Cedarwood oil to produce pleasant-smelling patio candles and torches.
  • The oil can be effective for direct application as it acts as an effective deodorant.
  • The oil can give good conditioning to oily skin and hair however before the direct application the oil must be diluted with carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil.
  • The oil gives excellent flavoring to food and beverages and can be used in alcoholic drinks, frozen dairy, and gelatin and puddings.

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