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Attar Full Pure Jasmine Raw Perfume oil is non- alcoholic oil which is used to make the best perfumes that you will ever come across. The amazing attar has specific properties which make it the best choice and for those who are looking for something refreshing. Attar full is a good choice for them. Attar Full sizzling fresh fragrance, Jasmine perfume concentrate, designed for discerning young users. An ideal all time signature perfume which has notes of Jasmine Sambac or Madurai Jasmine Fragrance, it keeps you fresh & energetic all day long. Designer Fragrance with notes of Mogra Jasmine you can find the most genuine quality at the best place. You can use in various areas and find relief from any mental troubles as the oil is soothing. A very Indian smell, it is very popular in the country as well as worldwide. This plant is native to the Mexico and due to its refreshing aroma this attar is widely used for religious purposes and ceremonies as well.

  • Attar Full is one of the most-often adulterated essential oils and one of the finest quality attar is obtained from the same.

  • The cost of Attar Full is rising dramatically and thus the best quality Attar Full is available through the finest material.

  • Hydro-distillation is the traditional method of extraction. It is fairly rare these days, yet it is said that this method yields oil with a superior aroma.

  • The pure zafraan attar is one of the most famous attars which are popular due to its number of health benefits and soothing aroma.

  • If you are facing the problem of depression and stress then this magical attar is a boon for you.  It is enriched with the wonderful medicinal and relaxing properties.

  • Essentials that are useful in eradicating the negative thoughts of your mind and offer the soothing and calming feeling to your body and soul.  

  • It provides the great relief in curing various respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis and many more. This natural attar provides the great relaxation to your body to live a healthy life style.

  • Use perfume concentrate directly on skin, if want to use on beautiful attire use them via separate cloth or paper tissues. 

The oil of Attar Full is used to anoint deities. In this way the fragrance which is emitted over time also helps to remind one of the spiritual realms. Attar Full is one of the best fragrant aids to meditation. A drop or two can be applied to the forehead, the temples or rubbed between the eyebrows before beginning. In this way, it helps to set the stage and prepare the mind to begin its inward journey. Attar Full is used extensively in natural perfumery as a harmonizing agent, base note and fixative.

Manufacturer Meena Perfumery
Address Shankar Garh, Gauri Shankar Road, Kannauj -209725 , Uttar Pradesh , India
Phone +91 9839739547
Country of Origin India

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