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One of the aromas bestowed to the baby Prophet Essa A.S and usually found in use amid religious services, amongst the individuals is Bukhur. Our History is loaded with records of utilization of Bakhoor in Biblical writing. Bakhoor is the name of the aroma smoke produced by igniting the chips of Agarwood or bits of variety of fragrant ingredients bound by sugar-syrup. When these chips are burned gradually, they deliver a more fragrant smell. These chips are burned in Bukhur burners to scent the encompassing and also to perfume the garments on all occasions. RasoolAllah, as well as Anbiya Bani Israeel (S.A.W.A.), also Ashaab utilized Bukhur usually and specifically on ‘Jumma’ or Friday. The hydro-distillation methodology is utilized to obtain this Bakhoor attar from the wooden chips of Mimusops elengi Maulsari tree.

Through the influential Nabawi organization this attar was promoted initially in the niche of the Arabia and subsequently in the vast area of Muslim community. It is customary in Arabian Peninsula to pass Bukhoor to the visitor. It originates from the highest peak of Yemen known as Shibaam, where popular shrine of famous Sirat-author and antiquarian, Syedna Idris Imaduddin is located. It was Syedah Arwa Suleyhi, renowned Queen of Yemen who sent huge wooden boxes of Bukhur to Karbala, Najaf and Misar in Ramazan and at other events as well.

The Agarwood burner spreads the scent which makes the ambiance devout. Students in earlier times accomplished two profits simultaneously, profound learning with valuable aroma. Currently researchers of the West reported that uses of Bukhur for profound mediation give the right mood effectively and individuals can mediate for long hours at once.

Around 225 years back, a recognized Intellectual of Yemen, Shaikh Abdulqadir bin Qazi Habibullah uncovered several advantages of Bukhur in his book:

  • Bukhur Attar adjusts the mood to bring serene, reviving, elevating & inspiring feelings.
  • Bukhur attar diverts the mind from worldly impurities and opens it to spirituality.
  • Age does not influence the viability of Bukhur attar & its regular utilization causes no harm.
  • It is an excellent healing agent and an antiseptic as well
  • It disperses pernicious & upsetting psychic powers
  • Aroma Therapy: With its enticing fragrance, it is very efficient in the aroma therapy to cure various nervous ailments such as depression, trauma, anxiety and uneasiness.
  • It is also highly effective for those people who are suffering from insomnia as it can calm your mental nerves to rejuvenate your mind utterly.
  • Due to its charming and pleasing aroma, this natural attar is highly in demand by the perfume manufactures for making of exotic scents and perfumes.
Summary - Bukhur was used in large quantities by the ancient Egyptians and also by the Romans. Bukhur was widely used for important ceremonies, such as the canonization of bishops and churches. Bukhur attar formula has a different healing, cleansing or purifying effect. Bukhur Attar is not only a way of avoiding awful smells, but a way to refresh your mind and heart. This attar has a deeply subconscious impact, bringing back positive memories, or cultivating good thoughts and feelings. It can be applied to neck, elbow, hands etc.

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