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If you are someone who likes floral fragrances then here is the natural mood booster for you, Kiku Attar is prepared from a unique combination of flowers and herbs using the steam dilation method. The attar has soothing properties to calm your senses and adds a fabulous natural scent to your personality. The combination of flowers adds life to every personality and to people who carry it in style. A scent that rejuvenates your spirits, Kiku Attar is a must have for every floral fragrance lover. There is a totally different way in which it will add its beauty to your personality. The special flower from which this amazing attar is derived blossoms and develops the refreshing fragrance. This fragrance is loved by people who like flowery hints.

The Kiku Attar has a warm and cozy fragrance which lifts up the spirits of the people who wear it and of those who come across the hint of this fragrance. The aroma of this flower is charismatic and that is how people know this attar.

  • The Kiku Attar has a soothing yet sharp fragrance which is loved by people who are fond of experimenting with different kinds of attars.

  • Daily use of this amazing attar brings euphoria and peaceful feelings that relax your mind, body and soul.

  • The fragrance is extremely strong in the initial stages of application then slowly and gradually it starts to soothe down and becomes soft and comforting.

  • It is also used for manufacturing various perfumes and scented home use products. Its fragrance is known for triggering Crown Chakra and thus used for spirituality and meditation purpose.

  • It has remarkable skin uplifting properties and due to which it is used extensively in making of various beauty and skin care products.

  • Due to its intense floral and refreshing aroma, this perfume oil is highly used in the making of various perfumes. Furthermore, it is also used in making of fragrance related products like incense sticks, room freshener, scented candles and others.

The beautiful flower and the amazing fragrance blooms and captures the heart of people who come across the same. The fragrance is fresh and rarely available in the market, only the best dealers’ deal in this type of attar. Fresh and tender touch of the attar will take you to another world, that amazing hint is worth experiencing and is loved by those who like high and low notes of fragrances. Non- alcoholic attar is good to be applied directly to the skin and has a smooth effect on it.

A little hint of Kiku Attar oil can be good enough to keep you enchanted and light throughout the day.

Manufacturer Meena Perfumery
Address Shankar Garh, Gauri Shankar Road, Kannauj -209725 , Uttar Pradesh , India
Phone +91 9839739547
Country of Origin India

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