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Coffee oil is extracted from the Coffee beans and has a distinct aroma due to the same. Coffee bean essential oil has the uplifting scent of freshly brewed coffee. Getting the body massage from essential coffee bean oil can be quite stimulating energizing the body and mind at the same time. The regular use of Coffee oil soothes aching muscles and improves respiration. The oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, sterols, and vitamin E.

Coffee oils are available as cold pressed oils and CO2s and may be effectively used in perfumery or fragrance. As essential pick-me-up oil in the morning it can change your mood, uplift your spirit and give you the right momentum to start the day. Besides this, Coffee oil is essentially rich in anti-oxidants and can help one fight ageing symptoms like wrinkles, sagging skin, Cellulite and others. No wonder it is used in the formulation of many skin-care products and anti-cellulite body care products. The oil contains a small amount of caffeine as well and one must avoid the use if one’s skin is allergic to coffee or coffee beans.

Uses of Coffee Oil

  • This oil is used as common ingredient for the formulation of Anti-aging skincare or body care products.
  • Used for aromatherapy in order to effectively change the mood and bring balance and harmony.
  • The coffee oil blends well with Amyris, Black Pepper, Clove, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood, Vanilla and can be used as an effective deodorant.
  • Used for body massage in order to render strength and flexibility to muscles.
  • Used for making perfumes and fragrances that could be highly uplifting.
  • Used in Aromatherapy in order to relieve one from tensions, mood disorders and imbalance.

Benefits of Coffee oil

  • Coffee oil offers a wide range of health benefits that make it so popular.
  • Being rich in antioxidants it protects one from skin damage such as sunburn cell formation and DNA degradation
  • IT helps in the prevention of the development of photo-aging and inflammatory skin disorders
  • Regular use of Coffee oil can help one get free from wrinkles and sagging skin offering the firmness and flexibility on the face.
  • It acts as a good moisturizing agent and hydrates the skin and protects it against loss of moisture.
  • Effectively soothes tensed muscles and nerves and can help one relief from stress and tensions.
  • As a body massaging oil Coffee oil mixed with almond oil improves blood circulation and provides strength and flexibility.
  • It can help one keep excessive sweat and body odor at bay and maintain body firmness and elasticity properly.

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