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Vanilla essential oil is often used for flavoring and in perfumes and other cosmetic preparations but is not usually used in aromatherapy. Vanilla oil is a popular ingredient in many perfumes from the East since it is considered to possess aphrodisiac properties. It has also traditionally been used to reduce fever even though this has never been scientifically proven. The species that is principally grown in order to harvest vanilla is Vanilla planifolia which is indigenous to Mexico and is today grown throughout the tropics. Vanilla is a climbing plant and an orchid.

The oil is extracted from the green vanilla fruit. The fruit is dried and then fermented, to obtain the well-known brown vanilla pod. Vanilla oil can be used in lip balms, body lotions and massage oils. It is not often used for soap because of the delicate character of the vanilla smell. It is often used along with other essential oils to enhance and compliment their scents.

Uses of Vanilla Oil

  • Vanilla Oil’s uses in culinary applications are endless. It is one of the main ingredients in the most exotic dishes such as vanilla and orange chiffon cake that are prepared on the commercial and the local level.

  • Vanilla oil is used to add flavor to the sauces, cookies, ice-cream, drinks and have been used in cosmetic care

  • Vanilla Oil is widely used in the perfumery

  • Vanilla Oil is widely used in aromatherapy.

  • Vanilla Oil is widely used as an aphrodisiac.

Benefits of Vanilla Oil

  • Delightful and delectable are only hints to the wonderful world permeated by the scent of this amazing brown pod.

  • Vanilla essential oil has antioxidant properties. One whiff of this oil and the aroma will send those little molecules to neutralize free radicals inside our bodies.

  • The sweet smell causes the brain to change a person's mood temporarily by producing a positive attitude. Pleasant memories, joyful times and a lingering comfort follow the scent of vanilla.

  • Survey and studies shows that the vanilla oil can easily calm the fire in us and especially useful for people who are angry. Regardless of age, this essential oil is ideal in alleviating all kinds of stress and depression.

  • It is useful in maintaining and regulating proper function across all systems in our bodies. Everything in our daily times starts with a positive mental outlook and deep joy helps us to have a mind and body synergy.

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