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Green grass attar is fresh and as the name tells the attar is extracted from the green grass which has its own different attributes. The grass is famous to provide the best oils which work as relaxants when you need a nice massage after a long tiring day. Green grass attar rejuvenates your senses and helps you feel great throughout the day. Attars have a great significance from ancient times and they are known for their amazing fragrance and the positivity they bring along with them. Attars are loved by all genders and people of different age group apply attar as per their likes. Every fragrance has its own significance and the Green Grass Attar is another different type of attar which has its own significance. As you apply it you understand how well it adds to your personality.

Various ways in which you can see the amazing effects of this attar are:

  • The exotic fragrance of the attar helps you fell light and confident about yourself as you carry a modern and exotic scent with you.
  • In aromatherapy this fragrance is widely used as it is fresh and the person who is taking the therapy feels light and relaxed.
  • Because the fragrances are used for aromatherapy, there are various medical benefits of this attar.
  • Healing, soothing and refreshing are the best terms that you can relate with this magical attar.
  • The natural fragrance like that of green grass is loved by women who like mild scents and they go with their soft personality as well.
  • Men usually pick the woody or masculine notes that have a different feel to them. Completely designed to bring out the scent of the man.
  • The perfume has a moving fore that helps in diverting your nerves towards relaxation and to feel good.
  • If you are facing dizziness or feeling low, the beneficial oils which are present in the Attar help a lot in your recovery.
  • Women can also use this fragrance to get rid of the imbalances and effects of menstrual periods. The fragrance will help them feel light and clean.
  • Deep fragrance has the most positive affects on your personality and helps you shine out with a graceful style.

If you are going out on a sunny day top up this attar with your perfect summer outfit and your look will be enhanced with the right kind of fragrance with it. The exotic fragrances are majorly used in scented soaps and creams that work miraculously in taking care of your skin. Natural essence present in these scents helps a lot in recovering after a long day. It can be very relaxing and worth trying for someone who is looking forward to a new kind of fragrance.

Manufacturer Meena Perfumery
Address Shankar Garh, Gauri Shankar Road, Kannauj -209725 , Uttar Pradesh , India
Phone +91 9839739547
Country of Origin India

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