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Blue Lotus appends with the Nymphaeaceae family. Leaves of the blue lotus are usually round in shape, 25–40 cm over, with a notch at the leaf stem and blossoms are 10 to 15cm in diameter. Natural blue lotus attar has a sublime mix of delightful Blue Lotus absolute that is diluted to greatness in pure Mysore sandalwood oil. Penetrating, unearthly and light notes of Blue Lotus are blended into rich, warm profundities of Indian sandalwood oil that makes it empowering and additionally diverse approach to relish its fragrance. It has the ability to draw in and additionally capture the aroma of different aromatics. It has a sharp, exotic, floral and pleasant smell. Blue Lotus bloom implies the Egyptian craftsmanship furthermore known by the name of holy blue lily or blue Egyptian water lily. This characteristic fragrance oil is obtained from the blooms of blue lotus by utilizing Hydro-Distillation process.

This attar is useful in many fields such as -

This natural attar is in a huge demand all over the world as it is very efficient in curing various diseases. To benefit the profits associated with this attar you have to brush up your knowledge with its ideal uses.

Perfumery: This attar is known for its scent around the world. Because of its charming and alluring fragrance it is one of the exceptionally demanding perfumes all around the globe. It is broadly utilized as a key ingredient as a part of the development of endless elite aromas.

Vapor therapy: This customary attar is usually utilized by individuals at their home in the vapor therapy. You can revive your mind and restore your vitality by putting few drops of this natural oil and by inhaling in its vapor.

Aroma therapy: In the aroma therapy, almost all the specialists widely utilized this natural attar to give help to their patients who are experiencing anxiety, tension, daydreaming, mental tiredness and numerous others.

Conclusion - This fragrance is the endowment of Mother Nature which is honored with stunning properties and supportive in treating the different nervous related problems. Because of its beguiling fragrance it is likewise utilized as a part various perfumery items. Blue Lotus Attar is broadly being utilized as a part of aroma industry because of its solid and astonishing scent. It is in huge demand for the making of exotic scents as far and wide as possible.

This attar is fit for holding aromas and fragrances along with its own particular essence which is the reason it can be blended with other essential oils without losing its own scent. Its enduring aroma can stick for body for over a long haul period of time. Or you can simply inhale this wonderful fragrance for treating different issues. It causes no harm to your or your body as it is purely natural.

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