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Extracted by the traditional method, Shamma Special Attar has a strong fragrance with note of black musk. It is prepared by rigorous steam distillation of over 60 rare herbs, spices and flowers. Shamana Attar is known to remove problems bring atonement, spiritual power and strength to any situation. The base is 100 pure Agarwood oil.

We are counted among the best and the most reputed suppliers of Pure Shamama Attar in India. Our Shamama Attar is developed from essential oils such as Agar Wood Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Rose oil, Heena, Musk, and many more. Besides, the sandalwood oil is the base to prepare Sandali Shamama. Additionally, we provide Shamama Rose Attar based on Rose Oil. Above all, our Natural Shamama Attar is extensively popular in both Indian as well as international market. This is a very popular and one of the most effective special s which are available in the market as well as this industrial domain.

Modern techniques are implemented in the mixing and preparation of the base materials to attain global quality standard. Further, our Aromatic Fragrance and Pure Essential Oil has a huge demand in the market owing to its calming smell, extreme therapeutic use, zero-impurity, accurate composition, and more. With a dependable quality assurance process, we monitor and control the various quality aspects of our aroma products.

We have a well-constructed infrastructure to boost the manufacturing process and enable cost & time efficient operation of our firm. Our processing unit has advanced and cutting-edge production facilities for preparing our products in an effective way. Also, We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who apply their skills in the prosperity and success of our company. These professionals work unitedly in close contact with our clients to understand and meet their requirements.

Uses of Shamama Special :

  • This essential special attar is used to get relief from pain.
  • This essential special attar is used to treat chronic stress.
  • This essential special attar is used to treat chronic arthritis or in other words the joint pains.
  • This essential special attar is used to manufacture a very soothing and relaxing smell of incense sticks.
  • This essential special attar is used to light up burners occasionally.
  • This essential special attar is used to diffuse this attar in air for a very relaxing day.
  • It is widely demanded by many buyers for aromatherapy and Ayurveda products.

Manufacturer Meena Perfumery
Address Shankar Garh, Gauri Shankar Road, Kannauj -209725 , Uttar Pradesh , India
Phone +91 9839739547
Country of Origin India

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