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Majuma Attar is one of the best perfume Oils ever created, in the world of Natural Perfumes Oils. It is an exquisite blend or gathering of Woody, Floral, Musky Perfumes. It is a deep relaxing Perfume Scent that can be used for Aromatherapy and Therapeutic meditation purposes.

Majmua attar is an exclusive blend of woody, floral, and musky fragrances that is extremely deep and soothing and has a very calming effect. It is obtained from the flowering tops which are distilled in water under low heat and pressure. This essential oil blends together with sandalwood oil for over weeks until sandalwood is saturated completely. It contains Mitti Attar, Kadam Attar, Khus Attar and Kewda Attar in sandalwood base.

This amazing attar is highly enriched with numerous medicinal and rejuvenating properties that make it immensely popular in the aromatherapy treatment centers for treating acute stress, depression, anxiety, annoyance, mental fatigue and nervous problems effectively. Moreover, due to its appealing aroma it is widely used in the perfumery industry to formulate high class perfumery, exotic scents and many other scented products.

Uses of Majmua Attar

  • Majuma Attar is used for amber, heena and shamaama.
  • This attar is extensively used in aromatherapy that offers immediate relief from stress, depression, anxiety, annoyance, mental fatigue and nervous problems.
  • It is widely used in the production of many cosmetic products
  • The attar will lift your spirits. This fragrance is unique in every way and will astound your senses.
  • It is used as an active ingredient in the preparation of different perfumes because it has got a very extraordinary and captivating fragrance.
  • It is also used as the room fresheners in the homes.
  • It can be effectively used as a very good anti-depressant
  • This attar is also used to increase the concentration and the focus level.
  • People use it to welcome their guests by sprinkling the few drops of this perfume oil on them. It renders a very rejuvenating and revitalizes effects to the body.

Benefits of Majmua Attar

  • Majmua attar can help one get effective treatment for insomnia.
  • The regular use of the attar improves concentration.
  • Can prove to be a good deodorant as it keeps foul smell at bay
  • Widely used in cosmetic products

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