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The Bakul attar is obtained from the blooms of Bakula which is most lovely and heavenly tree of India. This flower is basically found in western India between the months of March to August. It is having an extremely enticing and floral smell which gives exceptionally alleviating impacts to your brain and body as it enters in your nostrils. This fragrant oil has an extremely enduring scent that is the reason it represents the symbol of complete commitment and adoration. Bakul attar is utilized as a part of holy Hindu rituals when looking for blessings. The organic name of Bakul attar is Mimusops Elengi.

Uses :

  • Religious Use: It is viewed as devout and utilized as a part of different religious places. This perfume oil is utilized by devout individuals to offer prayers to God and receive blessing in return. This attar is likewise utilized as a part of holy rituals and also in a few traditional ceremonies.
  • Scent Industry: Due to its floral and alluring aroma, it is generally utilized as an essential element in perfume industry as a base or pretty much as a flavoring agent. The aromas which are normally produced by this oil are profoundly outlandish.
  • Aromatherapy: Most of the Aroma Therapist accepts that this attar is profoundly compelling in dealing normal anxiety, nervousness and mental provocation. Its fragrance is profoundly attracting and reviving to energize your brain and body completely.
  • Aphrodisiac: The fragrance of Bakul Attar is said to be Aphrodisiac in nature and henceforth utilized for improving bond between couples. Because of the luscious and invigorating impact on body and mind of both male and female. Couples can keep its smell in their room to enhance the sexual desire in their mind.
  • Meditation: This is the best area where this attar is generally used to boost the holiness and tranquility of the environment. You can discover the Bakula tree commonly in the premises of temples in India because of the meditative smell of this flower. In this way, the smell of Bakul Attar is generally utilized as a part of homes while offering supplications to God.

This attar possess following properties -

  • Soft and flower aroma and botanical scent
  • Obtained from natural process through star-shaped Bakul blooms
  • Without any debasements
  • Long lasting effect
  • Creamy white in color
  • Obtained by hydro distillation method
Summary - This natural aroma oil is made by the concentrates of Bakula blossoms and sandalwood oil. It is likewise known by the herbal name of Mimusops Elengi. This oil has an extremely floral and beguiling smell which is utilized for treating different wellbeing issues.

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