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The motia attar––a blend of jasmine oils steam-distilled into a superior grade sandalwood––has a delicate top note that opens into the sultry and mysterious essence of night blooming jasmine.

Traigunya’s Motia Attar is a blend of night blooming jasmine that is steam distilled into a superior grade sandalwood oil. Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive of all floral oils: over eight million blossoms are required to produce one kilo of jasmine essence. Each blossom must be carefully hand-harvested so as not to bruise the delicate flower as this would produce unpleasant fragrance notes in the finished perfume.

In India, the night-blooming jasmine is called "mugra," which means "night queen," because the flower brings joy to the heart and soul with its exotic sweetness. From the main growing areas in Madurai in the south come tons of creamy white flowers, flown and trucked in daily to the flower markets of the cities. There they will be made into garlands for festivities, offered to the deities in their temples, hung over lovers beds and worn in the hair of beautiful women.

Recent scientific research has confirmed what traditional Ayurveda knowledge has observed over the centuries: studies on the effects of inhaling jasmine fragrance have found that the flower produces a stimulating effect on the mind and significantly increases mental alertness. Other studies have found that this stimulating effect reduces the need for sleep. As lovers and tired parents alike know, these are prerequisites for romantic fulfillment.

Attars can be used as you would use any fine perfume. Because they are completely free of synthetic ingredients, their fragrances promote health, well-being and happiness.

Uses of Motia Attar:

  • It is widely used in perfumery.
  • It is used as a diffuser in air to combat relief.
  • It is used in aroma therapy to treat depression.

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