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Jojoba oil is odorless and golden colored liquid wax extracted from the seeds of developed jojoba plants (simmondsia chinensis). These plants are dioecious (having male and female organs in independent plants). These plants are found primarily in the desert areas of north western Mexico and southwestern United States. Jojoba Oil is produced from the seeds of this plant very much like the shape and color of coffee beans.

This oil got its fame in early 70's when sperm oil created by the whales got banned because of the protection of whales under the Endangered Species Act in US. At first it was developed as a substitution for the sperm oil and utilized just for mending bruises and wounds as it is non-comedogenic, non-toxic and non-allergenic. With the passage of time, benefits of Jojoba were discovered. Few of them are enlisted below -

  • Antibacterial properties - Jojoba Oil is antibacterial and can be utilized as a fungicide to control mildew as many microscopic organisms including the fungus Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus can't reproduce and die as soon as they come into contact with this oil.
  • Used in cosmetic industry - Apart from the wide medical use it is vigorously utilized as a part in cosmetic industry. Oil manufacturers in cosmetic industry utilize this principally for health skin treatment and hair care. They use jojoba in their product’s compositions for delivering different lotions and creams which makes skin delicate and smooth with no allergies or side-effects.
  • Good for skin - It is likewise valuable in treating dermatitis, acne and other skin issue and its abundance in specific minerals and proteins helps in keeping up balanced pituitary and brain working. The gentle massage of this oil will decrease epidermal water loss which empowers to keep the skin new and radiant. It will fight fine lines, skin dryness and roughness caused as an ageing effect and will keep wrinkles away. To anticipate wrinkles and harsh or dry skin, you pray God for more sebum to be produced in your body or simply utilize shower and cream items that contain jojoba oil extracts.
  • Excellent for hairs - Jojoba oil is extremely valuable and imperative utilitarian ingredient in scalp and hair serums as it gives conditioning to the hair by preventing them from flakes which causes dry scalp and tingling. It likewise helps in development of new hair cells and its anti-dandruff impact helps in hair-fall control. When the oil is added to conditioners and shampoos it give extraordinary radiance to hairs furthermore helps in avoiding balding as it clears sebum develop on the scalp.

Conclusion - From mending to molding the benefits of Jojoba oil are various and its benefits over different oils made it well known among the common people to utilize it and oil manufacturers to deliver as it is catching the household and additionally the international market. So now you’re well informed about the benefits of Golden Jojoba Oil.

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