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Bitter Orange Tree belongs to the Rutaceae plant family and is a hardy citrus plant. These trees are evergreen, beautiful and grow up to 20 feet in the wild. In cultivation, they will only grow to half this height. Orange blossom is also referred to interchangeably as orange flower and there is no difference between these two. Its fruit is used to flavor liqueurs, such as Grand Mariner and Triple sec, and its leaves and twigs provide the petit grain oil, another aromatic ingredient which is a part of various things. Traditionally the use of bridal orange blossom garlands started because the fragrance of the plant soothed the nerves of the young brides before retiring to the marital bed. The fragrance is soothing and relaxes your sense which is why it is widely used in preparing exotic stuff.

Uses of Orange Blossom Absolute

  • The first and the most common use of this oil is that it is used in Natural perfumery. In creating the best natural perfumes this oil is widely used.
  • Orange Blossom Absolute blends well with Ambrette seed, Amyris, Bergamot, Black pepper, jasmine and few others as well.
  • You will find this rich and aromatic oil in luxury candles as well; these candles are beautiful and are adorned with perfect fragrances by mixing such amazing oils.
  • Flowers from this tree when steam distilled produce Orange Blossom Absolute. Different extraction methods create vast aromatic differences.
  • This Orange Blossom Absolute has a reddish-orange to brown mobile syrup-like consistency. It is easier to work with when liquefied to a less viscous consistency.
  • Luxury bath and body products are also scented with this oil as this oil is excellent in adding the perfect charm to your bathing products that give you a long lasting experience.

Benefits of Orange Blossom Absolute

  • The oil tones the heart, liver, organic systems, skin and muscles, reduces wrinkles, and also boosts up your strength.
  • From circulatory to digestive systems the oil activates your brain and keeps you awake and active also.
  • Proper massage in the right manner can be a great pain reliever for any person as the oil provides warmth and soothes your nerves.
  • Helps in healing the wounds faster by acting as a great antiseptic for various troubles.
  • Kewra Absolute oil is widely used in perfumes as well as for variety of skin and hair preparations.
  • It soothes your skin and adds a glowing charm to it. Kewra Absolute is the best choice when you are looking out for best fragrance with amazing texture.
  • This oil has soothing and calming effects on the body so; aroma therapists widely use this oil in various aromatherapy treatments.


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