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Styrax Tonkinesis Oil or the Loban is well known by numerous other names such as Benzoin Resin Oil. To manufacture this particular variety of Oil, the solvent is extracted through distillation method from the resin part of the plant which gives this nature this aromatically exotic delicacy. The plant has soft, sweet, warm and vanilla-like fragrance which is it primary property. This particular oil has been used for centuries as incense and in perfumery applications. In the modern times, it also used to manufacture the best quality incense sticks which are widely used for multiple purposes all around the globe. In India, the Loban oil based incense sticks hold a great significance as they are used while performing religious practices as well. Basically, it is used to create a very soothing devotional atmosphere.

The oil further has various anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, astringent, cordial, deodorant, carminative, diuretic, sedative, styptic, expectorant and vulnerary properties. This oil is known by names such as Choya Loban other than Benzoin Resin Oil. This oil perfectly blends with a large number of other essential oils such as Copaiba balsam, Cypress, Coriander, Frankincense, Juniper, Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood, Myrrh and other spice oils. Its basic constituents are Benzaldehyde, Cinnamic acid, Benzoic acid, Sumaresinolic acid, Styrene and Vanillic acid.

Uses of Styrax Tonkinesis Oil (Loban):

  • Benzoin Resin Oil or the Loban Oil acts as an excellent fixative for perfume & soap blends.
  • It is widely used to make the incense sticks which are used for multiple purposes such as religious practices.
  • Adding a rich, sweet note, it is non-toxic and non-irritant, and has in it medicinal properties.
  • It helps in treating arthritis, eczema, asthma, bronchial chapped skin, congestion, colic, cuts, gout, cough, rheumatism.
  • The Loban Oil is a wonderful addition to blends used for chapped, inflamed and irritated skin.

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