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Representative of purity, Lilies have been used in ceremonies since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, the bride in wedding ceremonies would wear a crown of lilies and wheat symbolizing purity and abundance. Lilly has always been considered pure and serine, the flower represents purity and beauty. The delicacy of the flower and the soothing color is very effective in creating the positive aura. Rich, warm, heady floral and yet subtle aroma produced from the flowers is quite wonderful and used for the perfumery. The Lily oil absolute works well in a diffuser or with carrier oil.  Another wonderful way to use this absolute is simply to hold the bottle under your nose for about fifteen minutes to bring about an engaging and relaxing experience that will allow for deep meditation or brilliant creativity. One of the main health benefits of the lily flower is that it helps regulating the heart rate thereby allowing the heart to function more efficiently and regularly. The lily flower has many therapeutic uses as it minimizes the irritability of the myocardium without actually resulting in an increase in the oxygen that is required to function by the heart muscle.

Uses of Lily Oil Absolute

  • In some parts of the world, roots of the wood lily variety of the flower are consumed as medicinal teas to treat coughs, fevers, stomach disorders as well as for open sores.
  • Lily flower is also known to be very effective in treating ulcers and inflammations on account of their astringent and soothing properties. Thus the oil works well in such cases.
  • Lily Oil is one of the popular fragrance oil available on the earth. The Lily Oil is having very sweet aroma and can last for days if applied on the cloths.
  • It is undiluted, uncut and pure Lily flower fragrance oil and highly used in cosmetic and perfume preparations for giving a great flowery note.
  • Used in treatment of cooperies or spider veins. Lily oil (with Calendula) can be used for massage, in a bath, after a bath, for dry cuticles and elbows, as a facial moisturizer, under-eye oil and hot-oil treatment.

Benefits of Lily Oil Absolute

  • Besides the medicinal benefits, the lily oil absolute also has certain other uses wherein the essential oil of the lily flower is used in aromatherapy to treat individuals suffering from depression as it tends to help in creating a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security as well.
  • Health benefits of the lily for the heart are well known on account of the presence of the active cardiac glycosides as well as the flavonoids which tend to stimulate the arteries and cause them to dilate.
  • Therapeutic uses of the lily flower are in the case of treating burns and preventing the formation of scar tissue.


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