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Cassie Sweet Absolute oil is distilled from the flowers. This absolute oil is employed in preparation of violet bouquets and is extensively used in European perfumery. A deliciously scented essential oil, it has a fragrance of violets. A mature plant 10 years old can yield 9 kg of flowers each year. In a suitable climate, the trees begin to flower from their third year. The perfume is extracted from the flowers in form of concrete or pomade.

Macerated flowers are placed in melted purified natural fat and allowed to stand for several hours. They are then replaced by fresh flowers and the process repeated until the fat is saturated with perfume. The fat is then melted, strained and cooled. Absolute is prepared by mixing pomade with alcohol and allowed to stand for 3-4 weeks at about -5°C. The alcohol is then separated and distilled over. The extract obtained is an olive-green liquid with strong odor of Cassie flowers. The bark and the fruit are a source of tannin and used in making dyes and inks. The seedpods contain about 23% tannin. A gummy substance obtained from the young pods is used to mend pottery.

Uses of Cassie Sweet Absolute

  • It is used in manufacturing of cosmetic products
  • The absolute is used as a fragrance component in some high-cost perfumes.
  • It is also used as a flavor ingredient (fruit flavors) in most major categories of food products, including alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, frozen dairy desserts.
  • The absolute oil is used topically to relieve headache.
  • This oil is also used as antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, antidiarrheal, febrifuge, antirheumatic, stimulant, and insecticide in the form of an infusion.
  • This oil is also used as antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, antidiarrheal, febrifuge, antirheumatic, stimulant.
  • It is used as insecticide in the form of an infusion.
  • It is also used in baths for dry skins.
  • Essential Oil of Cassia inhibits microbial growth and protects from microbial infections.
  • This oil can be used to treat nausea and to stop vomiting.

Benefits of Cassie Sweet Absolute

  • This oil induces a refreshing feeling and drives away those feelings which bring a tendency of nausea and vomiting.
  • Being a circulatory and a stimulant, it improves circulation of blood and brings warmth to the joints and other parts affected with rheumatism and arthritis.
  • it also helps stop haemorrhage by contracting blood vessels
  • the Essential Oil of Cassia relaxes menstrual cramps or opens blocked menstruation
  • The circulatory property of this oil also helps boost the immune system of the body.
  • the warming effect of this oil gives relief from the fever too.
  • It stimulates body functions, metabolism, secretions, discharges, circulation and also the nervous system and the brain, thereby helping to be more active and alert
  • It can be used to treat uterine hemorrhage and other internal cramp
  • It can help in loss of libido and sexual disorders such as frigidity and impotency, digestive disorders, flatulence, colic, stomach disorders, headaches and body pain.

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