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Orris Root Absolute is extracted by using solvent extraction method of the Orris Roots. Majorly used in perfumery and in preparing pharmaceutical preparations the oil has its own benefits and properties which differentiate it from other oils. It has scent of its own, but it is usually not detectable when blended with other herbs. Grown principally in southern Europe Orris root is the root of some species of iris. Once important in western herbal medicine, it is now used mainly as a fixative and base note in perfumery, as well as an ingredient in many brands of gin. You will find its use in in all kinds of authentic stuff that you find exotic. Orris root must generally be hung and aged for 5 years before it can be used for perfumery, this makes the perfume and the oil very special and worth trying as ageing adds charm to it.

Uses of Orris Root Absolute

  • Orris Root is valued in perfumery for its violet-like aroma and its unique fixative qualities.
  • Orris Root Absolute tends to separate making it a bit hard to work with; however, it is highly recommended for those who are looking for this unusual and hard to find oil.
  • It blends best with fixed oils and works excellently in solid perfumes.
  • Orris Root Absolute is also known by the name of Iris & Flag Iris. About one ton of Orris roots are required to produce even just two kg of oil and this is the reason why it is highly expensive and having amazing flowery cologne.
  • Widely used in the formulation of aromatic products including exotic perfumes, scented candles, incense sticks, room fresheners, soaping baths and many other products.
  • Due to Orris Root Absolute’s soothing and relaxing property, it is broadly used in aromatherapy treatment centers to provide great relief from mind related problems. It has soothing and floral cologne.

Benefits of Orris Root Absolute

  • Orris Root Absolute is highly effective in the prevention of inflammations and treats rheumatism and sinus infections. Breathing infections and troubles are treated easily with it, besides the roots of Orris are also used in tinctures to flavor syrups.
  • Orris Root Absolute is effective in eliminating harmful substances from the body such as excessive bile, uric acid as well as salts. The proper use of oil helps in clearing your system and maintaining it.
  • Restoring hormonal balance and it also prevents inflammation in the urinary bladder. Moreover it reduces the possibility of having arthritis, renal calculi, rheumatism and infection in the urinary system thereby, keeps the heart healthy.
  • The skincare properties of the oil make it the best pick and if you want an herbal and reliable skin care product then Orris Root Absolute is the perfect choice for you.

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