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Warm, floral, honey-like, with a slight citrus-like note are the words that describe the aromatic attributes of this wonderful oil. Linden Blossom Absolute is a rich aromatic oil which has the most authentic and genuine fragrance. The Linden tree is a medium sized tree with dark green heart-shaped leaves, with blue-green undersides this tree is another beautiful part of the floral diversity. The tree has fragrant yellow-white flowers, followed by round green fruits. Linden Blossom Absolute has diuretic, expectorant and calming properties that will soothe your mind body and soul, lowering blood pressure and increasing perspiration. The oil is excellent for meditative purposes as it helps you relax and find direction. Meditation requires proper aura and aroma, with this amazing oil you will get both with an excellent relaxing feeling as well. Extracted from the flowers and twigs of Linden tree this oil is the best pick for various kinds of ailments.

Uses of Linden Blossom Absolute

  • This miraculous absolute oil comprises the wonderful therapeutic properties which are used for curing various kinds of health ailments. It has a positive effect on various troubles.
  • It blends well with other essential oils which includes jasmine, sandalwood, benzoin, ylang-ylang, clary sage, neroli, cassie, lavender, golden Champa, mandarin, rose, helichrysum. This enhances the essence of the basic oil.
  • It is widely used in aromatherapy wherein applying the right kind of aroma and soothing fragrance is all that you need to create that perfect effect.
  • It contains high amount of farnesol. Linden oil is exceedingly compatible in perfumery. This absolute oil is one of the most valid and highly valued oil.
  • It contains high amount of farnesol. Linden oil is exceedingly compatible in perfumery. This absolute oil is one of the most valid and highly valued oil.
  • It is used at the time of Headache, insomnia, migraine, stress which can occur anytime and can create trouble for you. Linden Blossom Absolute can be used to get immediate help

Benefits of Linden Blossom Absolute

  • It is of great value in cosmetic industries as it offers flavor to enhancive products like lotions, perfumes, etc. The best products contain this nature’s essence and Linden Blossom Absolute contains the best.
  • Linden Blossom Absolute comprises the skin friendly properties which are good for skin and useful for treating the myriad skin aliments. The oil works wonderfully on various kinds of skin issues.
  • With its pleasing aroma, this oil is highly effective in aromatherapy treatment to heal the numerous nervous related ailments which includes stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, headache and various other mental difficulties.
  • Linden Blossom Absolute comprises the insomniac agent which calms your mental stress and provides sound sleep.
  • The oil has the best and truest aroma and raw materials that make it the best pick, if you are looking out for the best stuff then Linden Blossom Absolute is the best choice.


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