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Vetiver Oil is extracted from Vetiveria zizanioides and it is an essential oil with a very earthy aroma. It is just like the fragrance in the air which you smell once it starts raining. The aroma of this oil will take you back right the woods and other places where you used to hike in as a child. You will experience a calming effect which will leave you with a feeling of the autumn, when leaves fall. This oil is basically extracted via steam distillation of the root of Vetiveria zizanioides plantae. This oil is widely utilized in the aromatherapy which is extremely popular in India and other parts of the world. Studies have shown that this oil is also used to help you improve the post-shock condition and the mental trauma.

It was back in 12th centuary, Vetiver Oil became a taxable item in India and the Indian subcontinent. Also, in the earlier times, it was used in folk magic to increase the abundance and help people in connecting with fairies, elves and gnomes. It has a spiritual influence on an individual as it will attune you to a connection between with your soul and the nature. Just a few drop of this oil and the processes of aligning all the vitaflex points are initiated. It is also known for affecting the Chakra of the human body in a positive way as the heart which aligns with the root chakra gets aligned. Further the oil helps in promoting the balance of the central nervous system which does not have a specific chakra. The effect of the aroma of this oil is calming, balancing and very much grounding.

Uses of Vetiver Oil:

  • It is used in treating numerous medical conditions including rheumatism, sprains, and arthritis.
  • This oil can be used as a dietary supplement. Do not forget to consult your physician.
  • It is full of natural tranquilizers.
  • It is because of the natural tranquilizers, that the this oil is beneficial in treating the trauma
  • This oil is used in to get a person out of shock and depression as it helps to improve the stimulation in the brain and nervous system.
  • In folk medicine, Vetiver essential oil is also used to treat the emergency situations like panic with ease.

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