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This oil is one of the purest forms of oil which is not derived from any specific thing but is extracted from the resin of dead pine or other coniferous trees. These trees which are buried under the soil from past many years are the source of the extract which is taken in the form of oil. The sap from the coniferous trees hardens and becomes a yellowish substance which is named as Amber. Usually used at the time of making jewelry it became a famous and better ways of using it were derived after proper experimentation. Depending upon the quality and stiffness this raw material can be found in different colors like light golden to dark brown.

Pine is said to be the primary source of amber and from where you get the best quality amber. To get the finished product that is commonly known as ‘Amber oil’ the raw material is prepared in a base of beeswax and mixed with other essential oils. Some studies have shown that the soothing fragrance of this oil has psychological effect that increases heart energy and enhances sensual pleasure. Thus, the oil is widely used at the time of massage and to give the relaxing effect to your body. Different kinds of aromas are available in the market wherein you can experience that a different fragrance is added to the Amber oil that gives it a totally different texture and feel.

Uses of Amber Oil:

  • Amber aromatherapy is commonly used to treat diseases like epidemics since ancient times. Thus the introduction of the oil dates back to many centuries.
  • Illness, pains and disorders were treated in complete manner with the help of this oil.
  • The warm and exotic fragrance of this oil can be heated that will fill the room with subtle and euphoric aroma.
  • The psychological effects of the oil cannot be matched by the usual fragrances and oils that are available in the market.
  • It makes an intense perfume when mixed with the right kind of fragrances and thus is used to spread the right kind of fragrance.

Benefits of Amber Oil:

  • Few drops of Amber Oil when put in water will have a soothing effect on the body.
  • Used for skin rejuvenating and massage the oil refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells.
  • The oil relaxes brain waves which is why people use the oil to deal with any kinds of psychological disorders.
  • To treat diseases like; Asthma, rheumatism or various other similar aliments.
  • Because of its analgesic properties the oil is used as an effective painkiller which can be easily used and applied when you feel the need to relive the pain.
  • Boosting the immune system the oil has positive effects on it thus people with poor immunity can get benefited by it.

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