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According to an old legend this Angelica Root was discovered when a monk was helped by an angel during terrible plague. Thus, it is called as the ‘root of the holy ghost’ and is also used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages. Various medicinal properties are also related to this root, which make it the best option when you are looking forward to a healing agent that is herbal. The beautiful Angelica plant can reach up to the height of 1.5-2m and all its parts and seeds are aromatic. All the parts of the plant are useful and aromatic thus can be utilized in different ways. The plant is used in many European countries and China as well for its medical properties.

There is a specific way which is followed so as to store its properties and to extract its essential oil proper way is followed. The dried roots have an amazing aroma which is then used further to make the oil. The oil has diaphoretic, stimulant, and tonic properties as well. It is prescribed for anorexia also because of its stimulating properties that helps the nervous and digestive system. The root oil of Angelica plant is stronger than the one which is extracted from the seeds. It has better benefits and usages also, because the root oil has more healing properties. The dried roots which are used to derive the oil are wrinkled, brown and have a very pleasant and aromatic odor of benzoin, pepper and musk.

Uses of Angelica Root Oil:

  • The medicinal properties of this oil add a lot to the reasons for which it must be used and it is used by people.
  • In illness you can use this oil and various kinds of illness like; virus infections, smokers cough indigestion, urinary infections or complaints etc.
  • The oil is best in case of pot pourri as it can be used to spread fragrance and light up the surroundings with its aroma.
  • Angelica Root Oil is aromatic and thus, it is very beneficial at the time of aromatherapy.
  • It is widely used to get relief from anxiety, depression and anger. The soothing fragrance has healing properties.

Benefits of Angelica Root Oil:

  • Massage with Angelica Root Oil helps in stimulating blood circulation, secretion of hormones and enzymes. They add to the overall development of the body.
  • Relieves you from any kinds of digestion problems and provides relief from excess gas in intestine.
  • Relieves you from any kinds of digestion problems and provides relief from excess gas in intestine.
  • It strengthens immune system as your body needs immunity and Angelica Root Oil provides it through its warmth and medicinal properties.

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