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The heart shaped Betel leaf is called as the ‘Golden heart of nature’. This leaf has properties that make it an amazing pick. Dating back to 7000 BC, Betel is one among those oldest divine herbs bestowed on mankind. Apart from the numerous health benefits, these appealing leaves are a symbol of status and hospitality for greeting Kings, nobles and guests in the cultural heritage of India. The leaf is considered as a beautiful way to welcome people and the oil extracted from this plant is wonder oil. The botanical property of the plant makes it a great way to take out the extract and use it for the best of mankind.

It has been mentioned in numerous Ayurvedic texts wherein its benefits are brought out in the limelight. The oil extracted from the leaves of betel is beneficial in many ways and thus people who are shifting towards the natural ways to heal are picking this wonder oil above any other method of healing. The oil has essentials that help in strengthening heart muscles, purify blood, and reduce acne and other skin issues, and a lot more. The oil came after the people realized how enriched and exceptionally helpful these leaves are. Earlier people were used to chew the leaves to stimulate their senses and normal working of their brain and body.

Uses of Betel Leaf Oil:

  • Betel leaf oil is used in adding to the unani medicines which are said to be one of the most natural ways to heal and recover the body.
  • It is Ayurvedic ways to heal thus people are shifting towards it because of its increasing demand and awareness as well.
  • It is an Ayurvedic way to refresh your breath especially after heavy meals.
  • After soaking in mustard oil the betel leaf oil can be applied to the chest and it is a great way to fight the respiratory issues.
  • It is also used to nourish the skin and fight any basic or severe skin disorders. You simply need to apply the oil in the required place and you will get complete relief from the same.

Benefits of Betel Leaf Oil:

  • The betel leaf oil can be used for healing wounds and infections. The oil combats and prevents the growth of destructive microbes.
  • The betel leaf oil has carminative, intestinal, gastro-protective and anti-flatulent properties. A unique mixture of other oils with this oil will help in improving digestion.
  • The betel leaf oil helps provide relief in cases of rheumatic pains and conditions. The numbing properties of the oil provide relief from severe pains.
  • The oil has a Phenol called chavicol which has unique antiseptic properties. It heals and helps you stay away from any kind of infections.

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