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Black Seed Oil has been derived from the seed of Nigella sativa plant which is commonly known as black kalongi. It has numerous health benefits such as it helps in reducing high blood pressure and it contains fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acid, which in maintain cholesterol level. Its regular use also improves inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis and in decreasing asthma. It provide effective aid for digestive system and provide relief to the stomach from bloating, gas, stomachache and ulcer, cramps as well. This oil also fight cancerous cell.

Additional features of Black Seed Oil includes

  • It helps in reducing acne, pimple and other skin related problem.
  • Regular application on hair provide smooth, healthy, shiny hair.
  • It can also be applied on cuts, wounds for healing.
  • This can be mixed with creams, moisturizers for hydrated skin.

Manufacturer Meena Perfumery
Address Shankar Garh, Gauri Shankar Road, Kannauj -209725 , Uttar Pradesh , India
Phone +91 9839739547
Country of Origin India

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