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The source of Cajuput oil is commonly Melaleuca leucadendra. This tree is also called the Melaleuca cajuput and the Cajuput oil tree. Mostly found in Australia and the islands between Australia and Malaysia. The oil is carefully distilled from the leaves and twigs of this tree. Best quality is extracted from the tree in the finest manner. It exerts loads of therapeutic properties which makes it useful at the time of aromatherapy. It provides relief from nasal and chest congestion so you get the most organic and decent way to heal your congestion issues. The aroma of Cajuput Oil calms the senses and adds a refreshing feeling around you. It blends well with all kinds of spice oils, rosemary oils, and woody oils as well.

The Cajuput Oil can be applied immediately on any kinds of burns, cramps etc. as it is one of the best first aid measures. You must dilute the oil before applying it to the skin as direct application can be harmful for sensitive skin type. Cajuput Oil is a must have for cold and flu season when you are more prone to all the infections. It possesses a fresh, uplifting, fruity quality that is loved by people who use it. Before distillation, the mixture is fermented for some time and since the oil is steam distilled, it is organic and retains its original nutrients.

Uses of Cajuput Oil:

  • One can use cajuput oil to get relief from the chest and nasal congestion. It also helps in getting rid of the mucus, so that provides much more relief.
  • Cajuput oil is used to make vapor rubs and pain relieving balms, best balms are made with he help of this amazing oil.
  • Cajuput Oil works as a great Insect repellent – It can be used in water or oil based spray to drive away fleas. It kills the unwanted insects that cause infections.
  • It is used in making perfumes extensively and the finest quality perfumes are made with the help of this amazing Cajuput oil.
  • It is widely used to extract chemicals like cineol.

Benefits of Cajuput Oil:

  • Cajuput oil is helpful in sinusitis and general sinus congestion. The best way to use cajuput oil in this condition is to prepare a steam.
  • It has an effect similar to clove oil in relieving a toothache. You can put it on cotton ball and apply it on the affected area for instant relief.
  • It is an astringent so you can apply it on your face as well; diluting it is essential and then using it in the right manner helps a lot.
  • A great antiseptic is the Cajuput Oil which can also be added to water to wash wounds. They heal better and it keeps you away from infections as well.

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