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Sweet Flag or Calamus is a unique type of oil which has been extracted and used since ancient times. This oil has properties that differentiae it from any other type of oil that is available in the market. People dealing with memory difficulties or loss of concentration can benefit a lot with the help of this oil. Calamus oil is a great stimulant for mind and body as well. It is distilled from he roots of plant called as Acorus Calamus which has a soothing fragrance. The plant is known for its amazing fragrance and beautiful look which differentiates it from any other plant which is known to provide best quality oil. When used in crystalline form it is also called as German Ginger. The most important part of this plant is the root and that is the major area from where you get best result.

It has been used as an herbal remedy for numerous complaints; it is mentioned in the ancient civilizations like Egypt and India. The root portion of the plant is biologically used since biblical times because of its amazing and refreshing fragrance. Various studies suggest that the oil has been found to posses sedative properties. The Calamus oil is obtained through steam distillation and it contains original root of Calamus root without any transformation because of the use of chemicals and solvents.

Uses of Calamus Oil:

  • Calamus oil is still used as an ingredient for anointing oil. The oil gels well with the properties of the other oil therefore used in that case.
  • It is used as an insecticide to prevent insects from troubling cattle and so that they are not troubled due to infections.
  • The aroma of the oil is somewhere that of cinnamon and is used by people who wish to experience that mild and basic flavor of a summer perfume.
  • The Calamus oil provides you various health benefits also which is why it is widely used to cure different types of health issues.

Benefits of Calamus Oil:

  • It improves mental focus, concentration and alertness. It can thus be used when there is a need to stay focused. For people who loose concentration easily, this is the best choice.
  • It improves blood circulation to the brain and thus gets rid of dizziness. Highly beneficial to keep you steady and help you balance yourself in a better manner.
  • The essential properties of the oil are remarkable as it alleviates anxiety, stress and tension from your mind. You can enjoy hassle free working.
  • The aroma of Calamus Oil is uplifting that can infuse positive thinking and feelings in mind. Also a great way to heal mild fever.
  • One can get great relief from the Calamus essential oil by using in a bath. Prepare some warm water for bath and add about 6 – 8 drops of Calamus essential oil along with lavender essential oil.

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