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Camphor is obtained from two types of camphor trees- Common Camphor and Borneo Camphor tree. The oil is extracted from both types of trees just the aroma differs because of the concentration of different compounds found in them. The various components of camphor oil are Alcohol, Borneol, Pinene, Camphene, Camphor, Terpene and Safrol Camphor oil. It boosts the circulatory system thus helping you a lot by stimulating the growth of your body. Camphor is an herb that can be extracted from the wood and roots of the camphor tree. Camphor oil is known for its ability to alleviate respiratory conditions such as coughing and congestion; this is one of the major reasons due to which people are shifting towards this wonder oil. The oil can be mixed with your normal skin cream and can be applied in that way.

Camphor oil is a pure essential oil which is one of the most exotic forms of oil and thus it is not that easily available at every place. If you are dealing with bacterial or fungal infections you can apply Camphor oil and massage with the same. It will help a lot in soothing your muscles and relieving it from sore muscle pains and infections as well. It is one of the best ways to find relief from any kinds of ailments. Many medical preparations are incomplete without this winder oil.

Uses of Camphor oil:

  • The medicinal use of Camphor oil is the major reason for which the oil is preferred by the people. There are many ways in which this oil is helpful.
  • Used to provide relief to the muscles by massaging them in a proper manner and so that you feel light and healthy.
  • Camphor oil is used in many decongestant balms and cold rubs as the strong, penetrating aroma of camphor oil is a powerful decongestant.
  • The oil blends particularly well with Basil, Cajuput, Chamomile, Melissa and Lavender Oil, for uses in aromatherapy.
  • It proves to be very cooling and refreshing, particularly in the summer. Camphor oil can also be mixed with bathing water to have that extra sensation of coolness in the summer heat.

Benefits of Camphor Oil:

  • Camphor Oil facilitates digestion and blood circulation also relieves gas trouble so that you feel light and healthy.
  • It helps cure inflammation and boosts the libido. You can get complete relief from such troubles.
  • Relieves you from congestions of nasal tract and lungs. Also beneficial when used as a local anesthesia in some cases.
  • It’s an antiseptic, Disinfectant, insecticide and germicide also, it can be added to the drinking water to make it safe and to purify it.
  • It also reduces the severity of nervous disorders and convulsions, epileptic attacks, nervousness, and chronic anxiety.

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