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Cedarwood Himalayan Oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from the wood pieces of the Cedarwood tree. Cedarwood is basically a plant native to cold climates and is normally found at high altitudes. The chief components of Cedarwood Himalayan Oil are Alpha Cedrene, Beta Cedrene, Cedrol, Widdrol, Thujopsene and a group of Sesquiterpenes, which contribute a great deal to its medicinal value and health benefits. Cedar is a tall, evergreen tree that grows up to 50 meters or more in height. It grows extensively on the slopes of the Himalayas in northern India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Aromatic cedar chests have always been used to store woolen articles. A thin to viscous yellow to brown liquid this Cedarwood Himalayan oil is beneficial for various conditions and is loved by people for its enchanting fragrance. A middle note of strong aroma, this oil has a dry woody and smoky scent which is the defining line for this fragrance.

The oil is majorly for external use only and must be diluted so that it does not react in a negative manner. It works as a sedative as it has the calming effect on the mind and body as well. It improves hair conditions and fights any kind of severe hair problems so you can have healthy and lovely locks once you use the oil in a proper manner. The oil also reduces cellulite from the body by releasing the waste that accumulates in it. It has a delicate and wooden aroma that is loved by people and for which people use this fascinating oil. It calms down your senses and relieves all kinds of tensions with its amazing fragrance.

Uses of Cedarwood Himalayan Oil:

  • Coating of Cedarwood Himalayan oil was used in protection of papyri and was also used as paint in ancient times.
  • Embalming was the major use for which the ancient Egyptians were used to extract the oil also for steam bath the Cedarwood Himalayan oil is very beneficial.
  • It is used in perfumes and other items like soaps and shampoos as a fragrance agent and you can use it to add the mild fragrance with a hot bath.
  • It is also used in Egyptian incense, cosmetics and perfumes. The mild and woody fragrance attracts the people and creates a positive aura around you.

Benefits of using Cedarwood Himalayan Oil:

  • The oil is used to treat various respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, cough and congestion as well.
  • The antiseptic properties of Cedarwood Himalayan Oil make it highly beneficial to treat back pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and various other troubles.
  • It controls dandruff and improves severe hair fall conditions also so you can apply it and get benefited from the same.
  • It is an important antidote for poisoning.

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