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Davana Essential Oil is derived from the dried and bloomed herbage of the plant Artemisia pallen. This herbaceous plant is grown in farmland free from pesticides. Davana Flowers has been used since times immemorial in India for religious purposes. Organic and Pure Davana oil is a clear golden yellow color liquid that changes to brown color on storage.

Davana oil basically consists of a ketone named as davanone, linalool, a few terpenoids and Davana ether. The oil exudes a very rich aroma and is used in perfumery for the same as well as for its consistent nature. Davana oil has a typical property of smelling different on different persons and this property guides perfume makers to create fragrances with truly individual notes.

Whether it is in aromatherapy or in manufacturing of expensive perfumes Davana Oil finds its extensive use in a wide variety of purposes. Davana oil can be easily procured from the leading manufacturers and can be procured in specific quantities. Due to high ketone concentrations Davana must be used with special care and precaution as this may cause mild irritation. The use of this oil must be avoided with small children, elders, epileptics, pregnant women.


  • Used as anti-depressant and can help one get immediate relief from stress and tensions
  • It is also used to give flavor to cakes, pastries, tobacco and some expensive beverages.
  • Can be used as fumigants, sprays, or vaporizers that will disinfect the whole area and render it free from microbes.
  • Used also for curing menstrual spasm.
  • Used in the medical formulations of pills and drugs that give relief from symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, pelvic pain, and cramps.
  • Leaves and stalks of Davana are used in making bouquets, garlands, fresh or dry flower arrangements.

Benefits of DAVANA OIL

  • The oil cures viral infections such as cough & cold, influenza, and measles, among others.
  • Being a sedative or effective tranquilizer it helps one in getting easy relaxation and soothes one from tensions, headaches and other irritations.
  • Patients suffering from depression will find the oil very useful.
  • The diluted oil can be used effectively in external wounds as the oil prevents infections.
  • Being anti-bacterial and anti fungal in nature this oil fights infections from bacteria, microbes, fungi, and viruses and helps cure infectious diseases.
  • Being analgesic it relieves one from pain of menstrual cramps and pain associated with menses
  • It gives relief from other symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, pelvic pain, and cramps.
  • As a good expectorant it makes breathing easier by relieving congestion and reducing coughs.
  • Is beneficial for those with muscular spasms or anxiety disorders, stress and depression.
  • It helps to heal wounds faster and protects them from infections.
  • Keeps insects away as it is a good insect repellant.
  • It also shows hypotensive properties and brings down blood pressure.

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