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Some oils like Dil Seed oil, watermelon oil and cucumber seed oil are used as carrier oil which dilute the strong properties of essential oils and thus offer the medicinal benefits to users. Dill Seed Oil is obtained through steam distillation of dried seeds and the whole plant of dill known as Anethum Sowa. Dill Seed Oil contains D-Carvone, Dillapiol, Eugenol, Limonene, Terpinene and Myristicin.

Dill seeds have been associated with magical healing powers since ancient times. Dill Essential oil contains flavonoids and vitamin E that induces sedative effects and can help in getting sound sleep and fight insomnia. The use of this oil must be avoided during pregnancy but is appropriate for nursing mothers. Dill Essential Oil can be applied directly to the skin or inhaled.

Uses of Dill Seed Oil

  • Used as a powerful disinfectant it prevents growth of bacteria or germs in Kidneys, urinary tract, colon and genitals.
  • Used in medicines for quick relief from spasms and stomach ulcers.
  • Can be used directly and included in food for consumption
  • Being highly sedative this can be used in aromatherapy for relaxing effect
  • Speed up the production of hormones within the body that produces a relaxing and calming feeling.
  • Dill attacks the cancerous cells and limits their growth.
  • Dill contains high amounts of calcium and is therefore considered a fantastic herbal supplement for helping strengthen the durability of bones in the human body.
  • Used as an ingredient in most cold remedies in order to get users quick relief and reduce the time cold lingers within the body.
  • Dill seeds aid in aiding bronchial & respiratory health
  • It supports the pancreas in reducing glucose and normalizing insulin.
  • Dill seeds and oils can be found within most herbal supplement stores.
  • Dill seeds may also be used as an ingredient in a popular food dish especially in sweet dishes where citrus type flavoring is required.

Benefits of Dill Seed Oil

  • Dill seed oil can help get immediate relief in muscular spasms.
  • The oil offers relaxing effect on nerves, muscles, intestines and the respiratory system and pacifies spasmodic attacks, providing quick relief.
  • Prevents food damage caused due to microbes infection
  • It facilitates digestion by stimulating secretion of digestive juices
  • It helps in flatulence as it checks gas formation in the intestine
  • It increases the production of milk in the lactating mothers.
  • It keeps one’s stomach safe from infections and helps in the healing process of ulcers or wounds in stomach.
  • Dill essential oil promotes quick healing of wounds, either external or internal and also protects them from infections.
  • Dill oil enhances perspiration and thus helps body to get rid of excess water, salt and toxic substances
  • It helps ease constipation and cures colic.

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