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Fennel seed oil and its benefits date back to the ancient time of Egyptians and Romans, they used this oil for its spiritual, emotional and medical support. Traditional uses of this oil differ from person to person and as per the requirement of the body. There are various oils that have different benefits and that add a lot to your body and to the normal working of your system. Fennel seed oil is one of these special oils which are extracted of a flowering plant species that is highly beneficial for the users. Earlier, people were used to use the oil for spiritual purposes now days it is used to balance your body and it’s functioning.

Fennel seed oil has various benefits and uses which makes it the best choice:

  • Antiseptic properties - The major benefit of the oil is that it has certain compounds which make it a great antiseptic.
  • It treats spasms and various other respiratory issues which you must be facing from past many years.
  • Helps in Digestion and gas Troubles- Helping you with chronic gas troubles, the oil has major properties that helps you in escaping the excessive gases from the intestine. Apart from all that the major benefit that the intestine gets is that the oil kills the worms and their spores in the intestine. It is more like a tonic that tones and boosts your body functioning.
  • Positive effect on all the major systems of the body- The oil works effectively on your respiratory, digestive, nervous and excretory system. These are the major areas that require your attention and their well being means proper growth of your body.
  • Healing women in the most organic way- Fennel seed oil can be very beneficial for women who have problems like irregular or obstructive menstrual cycle. It will help in making the cycle regular and will also reduce the pain and irritation that one has to face during those days. For lactating mothers fennel seed oil is a wonder formula that increases the amount of milk in them by increasing the production of estrogen. The milk contains the good and healing properties of fennel oil which in turn helps adding to the baby’s growth and well being. The female system and body are hugely benefited by this oil which is why people are shifting to this organic oil.
  • Various other benefits- Apart from all these and more physical benefits the oil also provides you spiritual benefits by providing you aroma that refreshes and lightens your spirit. It is used in vapor therapy, like massage oil or as a cream and lotion as well.

Few things to keep in mind while using the oil

Fennel seed oil brings so many benefits for all those who use it in a proper manner and required quantity. The organic way to deal with health issues and to add the best to your health is through the best fennel oil which is available in the market for you. The oil has no contradictions and is considered to be safe in maximum natural ways of healing. In case of women who are dealing with breast cancer or any other health issues the oil is not recommended. Best is to contact your physician for such details. For children under 6 years of age, the oil can be applied to their body rather than taking with food, its effects and the side effects both must be studied in detail before starting to use it.

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