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Grapefruit essential oil is derived from cold-press of the rind of ripe grapefruit. It is a yellow liquid with a fresh, sweet citrus aroma. This oil has been long considered as incredibly beneficial to metabolism that can help in weight loss. This oil can uplift one’s spirit and give one more energy and stamina. The regular use of this oil can rejuvenate one’s body, clean the digestive disorder and enhance one’s overall system thereby increasing one’s energy level.

Like essential oil of Lemon, grapefruit is cooling, cleansing, and decongestive, and can be beneficial for an overheated liver and sluggish lymph system. The quality of grapefruit oil depends on the quality of fruit and the harvesting and pressing of the oil. Some of the world’s finest grapefruit oil is produced in Israel.

Grape Fruit oil is well known for its unique fat dissolving characteristic. This oil essentially consists of Limonene and Myrcene as key natural constituents. Pregnant ladies or nursing women or those taking medication must consult a healthcare professional prior to use.

Prior to its use one must always test for skin sensitivity and use a drop of diluted essential oil on the feet when possible. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Hence one must keep out of touch from eyes, ears, or nose.

Uses of Grape Fruit Oil

  • This essential oil can be used as massage oil that can effectively reduce cellulite.
  • It increases the metabolism of adipose tissue
  • It is also very useful for cleansing oily skin and helping with acne due to its astringent nature.
  • Key natural constituents of the oil are Limonene and Myrcene.
  • This oil can be suitably used in aromatherapy that may help with anxiety, bad moods, or stress, all of which impact our hormones and thus our weight.
  • Grapefruit oil can be used to cleanse the skin.
  • It is also used as food additive.
  • This oil has anti-oxidant property and can help one in reducing the effects of ageing.

Benefits of Grape Fruit Oil

  • The sweet and citrus aroma of the Grape fruit Oil can uplift one’s body and mind.
  • The oil can help one get free from occasional blues, confusion and mental chatter.
  • This essential oil helps in effective weight loss and thus empowers users in seamless weight management.
  • Grapefruit aroma can help one effectively curb drug and food craving.
  • It can suppress the appetite and curbs cravings and emotional eating or binge eating when used aromatically.
  • It can provide cardiovascular support through gentle massage towards the heart.

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