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Hydacheium Oil has a lasting an exotic fragrance. This Absolute Oil is extracted from the flower white lily by hexane solvent method. It has divine odors that resemble the sweet smell of honey. The oil is a clear brown liquid with a warm woody and spicy fragrance. White Ginger Lilly Absolute is also known as Longoza Absolute/White Ginger Lily Absolute and is extracted from flowers of Hedychium flavum & Hedychium coronaria. Blending well with all essential oils and recognized for its sweet scent, it is used in the Perfumery industry. The Odor is heady, vibrantly sweet spicy-floral, tuberose-like and with a green aspect. You will love every hint of this tone once you start using it and applying it often, the tone brings many feelings and fragrances with it. Widely used in making exotic perfumes this absolute oil is worth trying and experimenting with. This absolute oil has a white color with yellow shade, you can find the finest quality oil if you locate the best place for the same.

Uses of Hydacheium Oil

  • The white ginger lily is used to prepare this floral absolute oil which is also known by the name of dolan champa in Hindi. This absolute oil is the finest form of product which is produced by this amazing oil with special properties.
  • The absolute oil of Ginger lily comprises the vital constituents of Fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. That adds to the essence of this oil.
  • This floral absolute mix with the other essential oils to create sweet and pleasing aroma. It is extensively used as base ingredients in preparation of numerous aromatic products and perfumes.
  • It is used broadly in aroma therapy treatment to get relief from the nervous related problems such as stress, mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression etc.
  • This oil is very effective in providing the relief from your mental stress by calming & revitalizing your mind as well as body.

Benefit of Hydacheium Oil

  • When blended with other oils it is used in making perfume, massage oils, bath salt, shampoos and bath oil. You can enjoy an exotic bath with the amazing products that are made with it.
  • The scented oil is used around the world to make potpourri, creams soaps, and candles. These soaps and candles can create the perfect aura around you with their excellent aroma.
  • As a cosmetic, it can also be used directly as a cleanser and moisturizer for rejuvenating the skin. It is widely used in gyms and beauty parlors. It tones and clears your skin, helps in nourishing it in the best way.
  • Application in perfumery and aromatherapy based applications has increased its demand as well as the awareness of people regarding this oil and its benefits.


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