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Hyssop is native to the Mediterranean region and is a perennial plant that is considered holy. In ancient times this herb was used for the treatment of plague, as a disinfectant and for treatment of minor infections. In some parts of the world, it had a spiritual function, and was believed to purify and “forgive sins.”

The plant grows up to 60 centimeters or 2 feet high, and has a “hairy” stem with small pointy leaves and blue, purple, or white flowers. Today, hyssop is cultivated for its essential oils in various parts of France. It is deemed one of the strongest antiviral essential oils out there because it contains nearly every type of chemical compound found in essential oils. However, the oil is still mild and gentle.

Hysoop oil consists of monoterpenes (cis-pinochamphone, trans-pinocamphone, and beta-pinene), and sequiterpenes (germacrene and elemol) as key constituents.

Uses of Hyssop Oil

  • Hyssop oil is used in aromatherapy to treat problems linked to the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • It can also be used to bring relief to arthritic pain, sores, bruises, toothaches, and ear pain.
  • It also contributes to the regulation of blood pressure and acts as a calming substance for anxiety and hysteria.
  • This oil is used to help stop spasms in the respiratory system, nervous system, muscles, and intestines.
  • The essential oil can also help wounds, cuts, and bruises heal faster.
  • This oil can be used as massage and bath oil that can help relieve pain and fatigue.
  • It can also be used to address menstrual pain.
  • This oil can prove to be an excellent stimulant that can help stimulate digestive system to ensure better metabolism and nutrient absorption.

Benefits of Hyssop Oil

  • Hyssop essential oil is an effective anti-microbial agent that prevents the bacterial and fungal spread or infection.
  • It has been found highly effective in reducing the ageing related skin problems, such as sagging and wrinkles.
  • It can help one get immediate relief in muscle spasms and cramps, and acute abdominal pain.
  • It can also alleviate the pain of Arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and inflammation.
  • It can stimulate the digestive system and can help in Loss of appetite, stomachaches, flatulence, and indigestion.
  • It can simply help one manage one’s blood pressure.
  • It can effectively cure respiratory problems, such as colds, cough, and flu.
  • This oil can address menstrual discomfort or menopausal symptoms.

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