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Kewra attar is an exclusive and precious essential oils made from Kewra plant. The plant grows at a height of 8-10 meters and flowers in the monsoon season and is harvested in the early morning before the flowers open as they lose their fragrance quickly when they open. Attar kewra is produced through the hydro-distillation of kewra flower. Sandalwood attar is also added in the procedure to get the attar kewra that can be used in the perfume industry.

Kewra oil has the aroma resembling that of rose flowers. The attar reflects light yellow to brown color. Kewra attar blends well with the Ylang Ylang oil. The plant’s botanical name is Pandmns Odoratissimus.

Kewra finds extensive use in manufacturing of various perfumery products owing to ist attractive fragrance. Kewra attar can also be used to produce various spiritual products.

Kewra Oil is obtained from Pandanus Odoratissimus by hydro-distillation. Pandanus Odoratissimus belongs to the family of Pandanaceae. It is a densely branched shrub, rarely erect. It is commonly found along the seashore of India.

Uses of Kewra Attar

  • Kewra attar oil can be used for preparing delectable dishes as it gives a a unique and different taste to dishes.
  • It is used as a key ingredient in the preparation of various perfumes.
  • This attar is used extensively by aroma therapists to relieve people from headache, tensed muscles, nervous disorders and stress.
  • This oil has therapeutic uses too by which the mind and body functions can be stabilized.
  • It can be used to heal wounds and cut or incisions due to surgical operations.
  • Being an effective analgesic or pain killer it can be used as massage oil to alleviate pains from rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica.

Benefits of Kewra Attar

  • Kewra oil gives a very soothing and relaxed effect on the brain nerves and gives a deep piece of mind.
  • Kewra oil is extensively used as an antibacterial and an antiseptic that can heal wounds and injuries.
  • It is applied on the rheumatoid pains to get instant relief.
  • It can help one get free from the body odor.
  • It offers unique flavor to the dishes and makes them more relishing and delicious.

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