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Kulanjan Oil is derived from the steam distillation process from the dried parts of roots of Kulanjan plant that is a robust perennial herb. This oil is well recognized for its anti-microbial, anti-ulcer and other medicinal properties. The plant is native to Indonesia and is now grown in different parts of India especially in Himalayas and southern India. The root besides helping in giving oil also has been long used as Spice for more than a thousand years in both Europe and Asia.

It is useful in various lipid disorders especially atherosclerosis. This oil extract has wonderful anti-microbial properties, together with a host of anti-ulcer activities, anti-tumour activity, anabolic effects and anti-hepatotoxic effects.

Uses of Kulanjan Oil

  • This oil is highly beneficial in a variety of lipid disorders such as atherosclerosis.
  • It is especially useful in flatulence, dyspepsia, vomiting and sickness at stomach, being recommended as a remedy for sea sickness.
  • It tones up the tissues and is sometimes prescribed in fever.
  • The powder is sniffed in catarrh. Modern research has proved its bronchodilator property.
  • Kulanjan has also been proven to be effective against heart, liver and kidney damage in animal studies.
  • It even exerted anti-cancer effects in some studies on pancreatic cancer.
  • Fruits of the plant (berries) can be used in cooking as a substitute for cardamom seeds.
  • Kulanjan oil can be used in dyspepsia, fevers, incontinence of urine and a
  • Recommended to be used in diabetes mellitus and said to diminish quantity of urine.
  • It is used to destroy bad smell in the mouth and from other parts of body.
  • It is also used in perfumery and in brewing.
  • it is used to flavor vinegar and in a liqueur called “nastoika”

Benefits of Kulanjan Oil

  • The oil can help alleviate the pains of rheumatism.
  • The rhizome is used against, bronchial catarrh, bad breath and ulcers.
  • It can provide immediate relief in whooping colds in children and throat infections.
  • It can effectively help in improving the voice in throat infections.
  • It can provide relief in ulcers and reduce the pains.
  • It has been proved to offer anti-tumor and anti-dementia effects in rodents.
  • Alpinia species show promise as anti-fungals, hypotensives, enhancers of sperm count and motility.

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