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In the religion Hinduism, it is firmly believed that the God of the universe - 'Bhramhadeva' sprang from the Lotus flower making it absolutely pure and sacred in this particular religion. Moreover, it is a symbol of purity, beauty, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. The Egyptians used to see it as a symbol of resurrection.

The biological binomial name for this particular flower is nelumbo nucifera and the aroma of its essential oil is flowery, heady and extremely calming. The scent it imparts on an individual is clean, soothing and pure as well; hence, making it completely intoxicating. This oil is extracted using the solvent extraction method which is very similar to the methods used for other essential oils such as Jasmine essential oil and Rose essential oil. This oil has no known side-effects till date but in multiple cases it is advised to avoid it because of unpredictable reactions that may be caused due to the scent of this particular oil.

Uses of Lotus Oil:

  • This particular essential oil has been used to cure bronchial asthma and rheumatism since the Greek and Roman Kings’ Era existed.
  • It is used to treat diarrhea in many of the Chinese medicines and other form of cures.
  • It is used to treat bleeding ulcers in many of the Chinese medicines and other form of cures.
  • It is used to treat stomach problems such as stomach ulcers.
  • It helps in healthy as well as restoring the missing important qualities of one's individual body as it features essential unhealthy acidity, gamma-linolenic acidity.
  • This oil is generally used to re-build and maintain the natural texture of the epidermis by fixing and restoring the important dermatological areas.
  • Regular usage will make your feel as well as look young, glowing and healthier with each moving day of using it.
  • It will not only fix the epidermis, but will revitalize it completely making the individual more confident

Benefits of Lotus Oil

  • It allows thoughts to be kept in the present moment and the physical body can't help but take deeper breaths when exposed to it.
  • Studies show that this essential oil has anti-aging properties. Hence, lotus oil has a lot of features connected to it such as its anti-ageing properties which make it one of the most preferred sebum when it comes to women.

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